Some calculations I need to do can be very difficult. Multiple complicated calculations can be impossible for all us, except for maybe the mathematical Einstein”s out there. The Amazing Amortization Calculator was a dream come true for me. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to pay cash on a house in Hawaii…..yet. So the Amazing Amortization Calculator, is simply that, "It’s Amazing" It quickly educated me on how much money I can save in interest, by following a simple formula that I can easily afford to do, without drastically changing my financial lifestyle. If you don’t own a house, that’s Ok, you can use this for any fixed term loans.

1. It’s very easy to use.
2. I can help my Family & Friends save a lots of money and at the same time feel like a mathematical genius.
3. The value to cost of the Amazing Amortization Calculator is a "no brainer".

It’s worth 4-5times more than what you pay for. It’s commonly said, “You Get What You Pay For" In this case you’re getting plenty more than what you pay. I highly recommend it!

Daniel K.
My wife and I used the Amazing Amortization Calculator to see how much money we can save with a large lump sum payment early in the home mortgage loan. The calculator showed us if we made one big lump sum payment during the 2nd year of the home loan mortage, we would pay off the home loan mortgage 5 years early and save a ton of money on interest.

Because the calculator showed us there was a lot of money to be saved by doing a single big lump sum payment, we were highly motivated to take out a personal loan from another bank at a ridiculously low interest rate.

We then put that pesonal loan money towards the home mortage which was more than double the interest rate of the personal loan interest rate. The end result was 1000s of dollars saved and all thanks to seeing the guaranteed savings in writing from the Amazing Amortization Calculator.

Jeff P.
The Amazing Amortization Calculator is extremely easy to use and is helping me save over $1000 on my auto loan.

Aaron Z.

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